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Baja Designs Stealth LED light bar is the epitome of power vs. size. Featuring the XP-G LED system, the Stealth LED light bar produces an outstanding 4,200 lumens per 10” section, while maintaining a slim profile of just 1.5 inches high and only 3.0 inches deep. Engineered and designed to survive almost any off road condition, the Stealth LED light bar allows racers and enthusiasts to light up the night with features unlike any LED light bar on the market. To protect from any heat damage, the Stealth LED light bar utilizes an internal Amtel Microprocessor, to ensure proper thermal management while prolonging the overall life of the Stealth LED light bar. The medium/dust and strobe modes are amazing safety features perfect for daytime safety, signaling your chase support crew or getting your buddies attention at the hill. Baja Designs Stealth LED light bar provides a feature like no other light bar available; the Stealth has user interchangeable optics which makes it easy for customers to change the pattern of the Stealth to better fit their needs and visibility. Perfect for any vehicle and available in OEM kits for the Ford Raptor, Ford Super Duty and Chevy HD. The Stealth LED light bar is the next generation in off road LED lighting. If you're looking for the ultimate in LED lighting technology the Baja Designs STEALTH is your answer!
Stealth - Black Stealth - Fall Camouflage    
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